"Essential nutrients in cow dung manure: The key to healthy plant growth!" 
Nitrogen (N)Nitrogen promotes the growth of plant green mass, the production of proteins and chlorophyll, and positively affects photosynthesis.
Phosphorus (P)Phosphorus is necessary for the production of the energy carrier ATP, for root development, and to support flowering and fruit ripening.
Potassium (K)Potassium strengthens plants, helps in stressful situations, regulates water balance, and supports photosynthesis and resistance to diseases.
Zinc (Zn)Zinc is essential for enzyme activation, participates in protein and carbohydrate metabolism, and affects plant growth and development.
Copper (Cu)Copper promotes enzyme activity, which affects energy production and plant growth, and improves nutrient transport in plants.
Manganese (Mn)Manganese is necessary for photosynthesis and oxygen production, participates in enzyme activation, and affects nutrient uptake.
Iron (Fe)Iron supports chlorophyll production and photosynthesis, and ensures nutrient transport in plants and the production of energy necessary for growth.
Boron (B)Boron participates in cell division, strengthens cell walls, and affects pollen tube development and seed formation.
Molybdenum (Mo)Molybdenum helps plants use nitrogen, which is necessary for protein and DNA synthesis, and supports overall plant growth.

Nutrients in cow dung manure support  healthy growth 

and development of plants